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Our team consists of people who care about environment and cleanliness. Every team member showed themselves as responsible and accurate person.

We collect paper, plastic, beverage cartons, white and colored glass, wood, textile etc. We care about environment and use recycle trash.

Our junk hauling service is based on how quickly and efficiently we can recycle materials.

If the junk is comprised of all wood, yard waste, rock, brick, brush, tree, stumps, dirt, or concrete we can recycle the waste at a topsoil recycling center

Pallet Pickup + Haul

Make life easier by removing and disposing of your wood, metal, or plastic pallets from your homes and warehouses.

Residential Removal

We render hoarding cleanup service. We also adhere to the regulations and safety precautions during cleanup.

Furniture & Appliance Pick Up

Get rid of your furniture and unused appliances.

Commercial Removal

We specialize in large disposal and removal of unwanted and unused items.

Our Services

Pallet Pickup

We are providers of pallet pickups with our Headquarter based in Atlanta, GA. The environment is one of the areas that we (Junkeaze Removal) care about. Therefore, we explore our expertise in recycling pallets that are old and unwanted. Do you have piles of pallets that are damaged or unwanted on your property? We hereby offer to take up the responsibility of taking them off your hands. Our pallet haul-of services are fast, reliable and affordable. No matter the quantity of pallet you have, we are very much ready and capable of picking them up and recycle them for you. Do not hesitate to call or email us today to schedule an appointment to haul off your pallet.

Hoarding Clean-out

We are very smart when it comes to service delivery. Upon getting to your home to render our services, we swing into action immediately and complete the job in no time. We render these services without you getting to touch any junk. Your job is to show us the junk and we will eliminate the junk, and leave the environment is perfect condition. This is more so as we ensure that we check everything with you because customer satisfaction is our watchword. We have the full capacity, tools and manpower that are required to provide an excellent junk removal services irrespective of the nature of the job and the quantity of the junk.

Furniture & appliance Pickup

It is a usual occurrence to upgrade or change old furniture or other appliances. In such circumstances, it is always better to have space from these used appliances. We implore you to use our services to eliminate your old furniture or appliance such as refrigerators, freezers, washer, A/Cs stoves, dryers amongst other appliances. With this services, you are rest assured that that there will be opportunity to thoroughly clean up dirt hiding from the place where the furniture and appliances were removed. Do not hesitate to contact our experts from these quality services.

Commercial Clean-out

One fact that is inevitable in commercial and business premises is the fact that there are bound to be junk. One of the key areas that we are specialize in, is the disposal and removal of unused and unwanted items. At Junkeaze Removal, we appreciate the fact that your office space creates a first impression about of your office and we work towards ensuring that you get an optimal first impression for your business growth. This is more so as your office is where you start the beginning of your workday irrespective of whether it is open to the community or not. When an office or workspace is cluttered, creates a cluttered mind. Junkeaze as a leading business in junk removal has been removing junk for companies, offices, and many other facilities, keeping them looking well kept up. The Services we offer includes recycling of unused and unwanted items to meet business needs. Give us a call so we can free up the work space by disposing and removing unwanted and unused items from your business space. It is not proper for your employees to undertake such tasks of junk disposa

Estate Clean-up 

  • We also offer our services in cleaning of estates, apartments, house or business irrespective of the size of the place. The services are suitable for cleaning apartment house or business of loved ones in the event that a loved one passes away. This is more so as in the time of grieve, cleaning an apartment, house of business becomes one of the most difficult task to undertaken no matter how significant the job may be. We offer to do the cleanup while the family member(s) and friend(s) are grieving over the loved one. 
  • Recovery of Asset: In the process of rendering our services, we ensure that important assets are not disposed in the process. Anything that is suspect to be relevant and valuable shall be set aside for you to double check and decide on whether to dispose it or not. 
  • Document Retrieval: We also look out for important documents, records, photos, and certificates in order to ensure that important files are not discarded.
  • Content Removal (furniture, electronics, appliances): If there are items that you do not want to keep, we will haul the item(s) away and dispose of it one way or the other.
  • Extreme Cleaning & Odor Neutralization: We ensure to clean the property and take care of all odors and biohazards immediately all the contents have been evacuated.
  • Preparation for Sale: Where the place that we work on is designated for sale, we’ll ensure the property is ready for sale including removing any hazards inside or out.

Materials We Handle



Carpeting, Rugs, Floors


Trash/ Waste

Bathroom Materials

Recyclable Materials

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We are a veteran-owned junk removal company, reliable and service-driven. We specialize in rendering quality services in the Atlanta Metropolitan areas & statewide.


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We are professionals committed to providing exceptional services related to residential and commercial junk removal. When it comes to client satisfaction, we strive to “Make Life Easy!” We value & support our clients by rendering  well organized structural relief. We are a household name recognized statewide. when it comes to a full-service Junk removal Look No Further! We offer efficient Recycling and waste management services. We’ve established positive business relationships throughout and we service the following communities: 

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